Get Array of Unique Objects in Servicenow

14 June, 2024 | 187 words | View Raw | History

There’s no secret that the Javascript support (serverside) in ServiecNow is lacking. And today I came across another little quirk. In ServiceNow we have the ArrayUtil.unique() to get an Array of unique values, but this does not support objects. Neither does ServiceNow support Map() or Set() on the serverside, so here’s a little snippet to filter an array of objects and receive unique objects based on a object key.

 * Get unique objects from an array of object, by key.
 * @param {Array.<Object>} arr - The array of objects
 * @param {string} key - The object key that must be unique
 * @returns {Array.<Object>} An array of unique objects
function uniqueObjects(arr, key) {
    return arr.filter(function(value, index, self) {
        return {
            return x[key];
        }).indexOf(value[key]) == index;

Here’s a example from a fresh developer instance.

var managers = [];
var gr = new GlideRecord('sys_user');

while( {
    var managerId = gr.getValue('manager');
    var managerUsername = gr.manager.user_name.getValue();
        userId: managerId,
        username: managerUsername,

var uniqueManagers = uniqueObjects(managers, 'userId');


// ---------- OUTPUT ----------
// *** Script: 13
// *** Script: 11